P Cube Services cares best for your computer by caring first for you.

We take the confusion out of technology. P Cube Services saves you time and money by providing you with computers designed for your needs, relevant information, and comprehensive technical support for your new or existing systems. We help you get better acquainted with your machine so it can work for you.

We offer the highest quality of personal service. We give advice you can use, with your needs in mind, not ours. We are quick to respond, and eager to find the quickest solutions for your needs and budget. And if you have personal security concerns, you may be more comfortable knowing that only caring, trustworthy technicians will arrive at your place.

We help you maximize your investment by extending the life of your hardware through our updated knowledge in computer trends, proven expertise in upgrade and data migration, and customizing the project based on your computing needs.

P Cube Services: experienced, friendly, fair, efficient, reliable, courteous, responsive, confidential support.

We pledge to serve every client with the utmost in courtesy, knowledge, respect, privacy, efficiency and value. We are in business to form a unique and lasting relationship with every customer, and to treat you as we want to be treated. We promise the finest in personal service, delivered by caring experts using the best quality products. Your privacy matters to us: any information we see, from passwords to hard drive content, is absolutely confidential. We will take 100% responsibility for meeting the needs of each and every customer.

P Cube Services is a computer company based in Toronto. Founder Lydia Lao has been working and studying in the IT field for twenty years. For the past fifteen years she has worked in the industry doing hands-on hardware and software support, system design and repair. Lydia recently completed Security+ at Ryerson University. Lydia thrives in the fast paced environment the IT industry offers. Her desire to help women take advantage of technology to improve their professional and personal lives is one reason she started her own business. In her spare time, Lydia enjoys investing, kayaking and sailing.




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